Worth a Thousand Stitches

by Hannah Kessler

A Thousand Stitches is a project which aims to bring to life the textures we see in the landscape, through a variety of stitches. 


This is a photograph that I took on top of Corney Fell at sunrise, during the depths of winter. In my embroidery, I wanted to bring out those intensely vivid colours that seem to exist in spite of the bleak winter landscape. I also wanted to play with the texture to show distance, and chose to render the mountains with lattice stitches and needle weaving to create that effect.

This image is from Haverigg Beach. It was interesting to stitch because the colours are repetitive, so bringing it to life in threads meant thinking a little bit outside the box. I decided to leave the figure as a blank outline because it looked more powerful having that negative space there.

A neighbour’s dog! His name is Jack and he is a good boy, although he loves running off. He has the most wonderful shaggy fur, and stitching it was a question of using different thicknesses and colours. I followed his outline with the fur but laid the stitches at different angles to create the effect of a scruffy dog.

Instagram: @hannahrkay