Saturday Morning - Evie Hill

Poet and singer/songwriter Evie explores themes of transition and finding inner peace in her poem ‘Saturday Morning’.


Saturday morning

The puddles shimmer with electric light,
rain forming a small blue pool on the sheet above the newspapers
as we bring the day in.
I wonder whether to tip it off or
let it sit there

The delivery man makes the same joke
like clockwork
as the rain patters on 6am
It makes me smile

The lights flicker
against the dark backdrop
Outside the wind cries limply,
the rain tending to it with comfort
It’s almost cosy inside
even though you can see your breath
in the warehouse

It’s a community
regardless of circumstance,
or at least a community
in a small way,
it’s home.
Saturday mornings are a lull
in the usual pace of life
yet even when everyone else awakes, the whole town feels that way to me

This is a lull in my life
a period of rest
which should be accepted and then
A rest which I may never have again.
I’m learning to love
the dull fullness of it
the tenderness of pausing
boredom’s peace

The sun won’t rise for another 2 hours
but even when it does
the cloud cover will keep us in darkness for a few hours more
the rain will eventually stop
and it’ll be time to go home
to sleep and rest some more



Illustrations by Bethan Thorsby
Instagram: @sporadicillustration