No Place. Like Home. - Marisa Crane

Three bodies of work, separated by location, connected by material. They explore how identity is shaped by the spaces we live in, geographical anxiety and the emotional topography of memory.


Outside In. Reclaimed wire, Modroc, net, rope. 

Installation part 1/3: This rather sad looking beast is at home in the woods but is about to be caught in a trap. Remember: They are always more afraid of us, than we are of them. 

One Foot In The Grave. Fabric (from my old bed), high heel shoe, thread.

Installation Part 2/3: Old habits die hard. The outside has come in and it’s not happy about it. You just can’t shake some things off. Animal or object? It’s not even sure anymore.  But as they kiss, they consume. 

The Woods The Trees. Broken chairs (from the old house), concrete, liquid cement colour. 

Installation Part 3/3: The inside wants to become out. A sad imitation. “Please let us take root here, the grass is greener.” But it always is on the other side. Some things are too heavy to carry around. Some times – it’s just deadwood.