Embroidery Tutorial - Robyn Nichol x The FOLD

A tutorial by Robyn Nichol, showing you how to make one of her signature hoops and paying homage to the school dinner classic.


This tutorial was part of a project with The FOLD, which invited people to sign-up to receive a free pack of materials and join a Zoom workshop with Robyn.

Whilst the workshop has now been and gone, we invite you to use the tutorial and download the instruction sheet including the design, to have a go yourself!

Download Instruction Sheet

YouTube video


Robyn Nichol is a twenty five year old artist from Keighley, West Yorkshire and is now living and working five minutes down the road in Bingley. Within her practice, Robyn focuses on the themes of heritage, identity and locality, with Yorkshire’s historical textile industry acting as her main inspiration. Robyn explores this history in a contemporary context through her family’s links to Keighley and Bradford, along with the everyday objects and brands around her that have shaped the aesthetic decisions in her work. For Robyn, producing work in the rural area where she was born allows her practice to flourish, and has enabled her to create her own identity outside of a metropolitan arts scene.

The design and branding of this pack has been created by Molly Bland

Instagram: @robynnichol