How Tall Do We Stand? - Mel Galley

Using 3D Modelling software, Mel answers her own question ‘If I were a landscape, what would it be?’


Starting with a question – “if I were a landscape, what would it be?”, ‘How Tall Do We Stand?’ is a self-portrait in the most abstracted sense; a rendered, surreal place constructed out of the elements of the landscape I feel reflect my perception of self.

It shifts from familiar dunes and sands that clearly resemble my home region to the placement of a strange, out-of-place stilted house, a visual manifestation of a close concern for the uncertainty of our futures. The piece is part of an ongoing research project that questions ideas around landscape, utopias and spaces through writing and rendered imagery

The processes involves using 3D modelling software (known as CAD or Computer Aided Design) to digitally build the surreal space before using rendering programmes to create a life-like effect.

Process Image

Instagram: @melfrangalley