by Hannah and Marisa

Co-producers Hannah and Marisa talk about the theme of ‘Connection’ and why it’s important to them.



I went for a walk a couple of weeks ago and saw a memorial bench in a scenic spot, by the river. It was dedicated to a woman who had lived from 1912, until the year 2000. As I sat on this bench, it hit me. This woman had been around for the Rite of Spring, The Beatles and Eminem. She would have lived through both world wars, Vietnam, Korea and the Cold War. She would have been around when they first sold sliced bread, and when they first tarmac’d the roads. Radios, tvs, DVDs… All that in one lifetime, I wonder how she kept up, and how she retained that sense of connection to herself and her roots.


Connection can mean so many things, and I imagine it as this endless stream of energy that flows between things.  Connection is feeling that energy with a place, a moment, a person, to nature, to a history, or even between your body and mind.  It’s truly belonging to that feeling, to that other entity, of belonging completely to the moment you are in. 

And so…

The sense of connection has different resonances for everyone. In this edition, find it explored  through poetry, music, art, yoga and more! The strange year of 2020 forced distance between us in many parts of our lives, but for many it also acted as a lens for us to refocus on what we want more or less of in our lives- of things we wanted to reconnect to- and this zine is part of that.

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