by Cat Hepburn

Award-Winning spoken word artist, Cat Hepburn, wrote and performed this poem exploring everyday ‘missed connections’ for Folded. Music by Hannah Rose Kessler.

YouTube video

“Connection” by Cat Hepburn 

You approached me
And we
Had a connection
Your eye contact
Reflected that

Your face was
Like it had been sculpted by hand
Or created with precision
By a 3D printer
You were fit

Your hotness made me trip
Over my sentences
Forgot all of my senses
Ignore the consequences
of unashamed flirting

We were attraction
Like two magnets
A force bigger than us
Had brought us together
In this park

It was so cold
That my breath was visible
And as I tried to
Hide my shyness
My words
curved around the sides
Of my teeth
And under my tongue
Like scared toddlers
Clinging onto
Their mum’s legs

Anyway I answered your question
gave you directions
“It’s that way to the station”

And then you said ‘cheers’
And walked away
Pretty quickly 

Artist website:
Instagram: @cathepburnwrite