by Chloe Tam

Chloe explores being naked – physically speaking, and in the struggle to be authentic, vulnerable, truthful. Her drawings are also about growing up, sexuality, and memory.


Self, Memory, and Nakedness

Being from Hong Kong, its rapid and perplexing pace of change makes the home in my mind far from its current reality. I take inspiration from my visual and emotional memory, giving myself an ambiguous presence represented across times and spaces, reality and fiction.



“Out for a piss”, 2022

Soft pastel on recycled paper, 59.4x42cm

This piece offers different answers for the question of “How should I look when he comes back?”. It’s the evolution of my perspective on sexuality, from conformity to the realisation of absurdity. It’s about adapting to the comfort of being naked, mentally and physically, and sharing that in relation to someone else.


“I don’t know”, 2022

Soft pastel on recycled paper, 42×59.4 cm

There is this feeling that comes all of a sudden, no matter when or where you are, that rids you of all functions with no reasonable explanation you can articulate. How can I adapt and carry on normally when I can’t find a reason to move from where I am?






“Disembodiment”, 2022

Soft pastel on recycled paper, 56x76cm

Sometimes, a certain environment can make us hyperaware of our bodily existence. Sometimes, we enter a state of mind that makes us forget our body altogether.


“Look what you’ve done”, 2022

Soft pastel on recycled paper, 56x76cm



Created by Chloe Tam

Instagram: @tan.geer