Ideology VS Reality

by Roisin McLinden

How often we gaze through the looking glass to insane worlds of perfection, romance, fantasy and think this is how our lives “should” be. If only we’d smash this mirror with fists of understanding, and hold up reality as a beacon. Why this impulse to run away when there is important work to be done, solutions to be found, people to care for, and joy to be experienced? Neoliberalism manipulates our basic human needs into markets, persuading us to believe we don’t have “it” when in truth there is nothing to chase.



Ideology VS Reality


You think of history

Imagining people far less advanced than you 

ignorant and without vision 

living in black and white. 

Your mind in its pride declares with a sigh

I would have done the “right” thing.

Stand up to your darkness for the 

Sake of the light

It’s better the beast you’re aware of. 

An independent thinker, perhaps you consider the ways your psyche’s being played? 

Subliminal layering is the criminal deity of a society run by the sales. 

But the work of the pennies makes peaks in the capital whilst pummelling the poor into place 

And a bed on the floor would ample support

If only you determined your way. 

The women around you don’t look like themselves

They’re beginning to morph into one

It’s the pressure to modify, ubiquitous beauty lies and denial of dismissals to come. 

So they starve, shave, pout, paint 

From ageing our women must run. 

But as soon as you mention your feelings there’s tension 

So you separate yourself into boxes.

Because this voice is supportive and 

Sexy and moreish 

You’re scrolling your way down a pit. 

It’s information overload 

Everyday in battle mode 

There’s no fruit to reap once you have quit. 

Reality really grinds

So pull stories over our eyes. 

Fairytales of how it all should play out

Ideals that make choices less hard. 

But tragedies shape us, mundanity won’t break us and loose ends can be accepted. 

You’ll never understand it all in one strand

but know that with effort you can.

Created by Roisin McLinden

Instagram @roisinmclinden