Dear Future Self

by Matt Carrick

With a handwritten letter to his future self, Matt reflects on the last year and asks questions about who he might be in the future.


Dear Future Self 

When I first thought about reflection I immediately thought about self-evaluation, taking a step back and looking at who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve done.

Recently at university, I have become interested in typography. As well as the intricate lines and textures that can be used to create it. This eventually led me to focus on typography for this piece. It allows me to express colour, emphasis, and, the delivery of my raw emotions.

I carefully pick each colour to somewhat contradict the angst and sadness of the past year. Allowing my work to suggest that though this year, has been the worst year of my life, there were still some good and joyous memories made.

Created by Matt Carrick

Instagram: @saturns_crown