Barrow Skates

by Kieran McDonnell

Kieron makes his Folded debut by showing off his brand new hobby; walking around the streets of Barrow finding random scenes to photograph. Capturing everything in black and white, Kieron captures the beauty of Barrow.



Barrow Skates

Kieran says:

“After a skateboarding injury left me out of action for a few months, I thought it would be cool to document and photograph the skaters of Barrow. I wanted to still be involved and I was keen to try out different avenues to make that possible. When walking through the streets of Barrow, my vivid imagination allowed me to seek out random objects or people and capture something beautiful in them. Barrow has such raw and industrial visuals, which is why I think it looks so aesthetically pleasing in black and white.”

Instagram: @k.dawg.bc