by Jessica Kopetzki

A hanging mobile inspired by the Swedish word ‘Gökotta’, which describes the act of waking up early in the morning to hear the birds sing and to appreciate nature.



I love the peaceful moment when I get up early in the morning before everyone else is awake, and it’s just me and the sounds from outside. I’m happy I don’t live in a place where I wake up hearing cars flash outside my window, and instead I can hear the birds brightly singing their morning songs. This act has immensely guided me to practice my gratitude, it has been an amazing booster for my mental well-being, and has always helped me craft a positive and productive day for myself. The Swedes have a word for this and call it ‘Gökotta’ – describing the act of rising in the early morning to hear the birds sing and to appreciate nature.



Reflecting on this word, I have created a hanging mobile made out of paper, string, and wood. Featuring illustrations of the birds I usually see in my garden – wood pigeons, collared doves, blackbirds, sparrows, blue tits, wrens, and so on. I decided a mobile was the best form to create this in because of the structure, giving the illustrated birds movement and displaying their liveliness before the rest of the world is awake.

The Final Piece

Created by Jessica Kopetzki 

Instagram: @jessicakopetzki