Painting Anger

by Niobe Mitchell

13 year old Niobe Mitchell explores catharsis, movement and rage, in six multi-media paintings.


Tainted, Niobe Mitchell

Repeat, Niobe Mitchell

Tainted (40 x 50)

The first part of movement and how something bad must happen for people to start realising what’s going on. 

Repeat (40 x 50)

Based off the second stage of movement on how many people mourn and how not everybody has the same opinion then starting the cycle again.

Lack of Sleep, Niobe Mitchell

Money, Niobe Mitchell

Lack of Sleep (25 x 30)

I did this observing my feelings when I was very tired.

Money (20 x 20)

How people rage over money’s value and how it can make you an angry person over all

Gunfire, Niobe Mitchell

Female, Niobe Mitchell

Gunfire (50 x 50)

The feeling of chaos and how it can be bright in somebody’s view of life

Female (30 x 80)

Latest work – based off gender dysphoria and how trans girls or nonbinary people see themselves.

Artwork created by Niobe Mitchell / @sad_snail_2