Bear With Me?

by Emily Davies

A short duet Emily Davies created with her fiancé, a “non-dancer”, during the Covid 19 pandemic.


“Can you bear with me whilst I go through this?

Can you bear this with me?

And help me carry the load?”

Emily’s desire to move and create movement-based art during a time where she could not physically connect with other dancers, her partner having to take several months off work due to mental ill-health caused by the pandemic, both sparked and inspired the duet.

While initially leading a creative improvisation dance session with her fiancé, Emily had the idea that through movement, he may be able to process his feelings and experiences of the pandemic. In turn, she found that she was also reflecting on some of her own feelings and experiences at the time. From this, he agreed to work with Emily to choreograph a duet. They worked together with several choreographic tasks to create movement in response to their personal and combined experience. 

The duet explores inner emotions, themes around relationships and offering/needing support. 

Emily Davies / @_emilymoves