Abstract Paintings

by Lauren Hine

Swiping, scrolling, socialising. Feeds of continuous images on sites such as Instagram and Facebook, have altered the way in which we view artwork. Peering at condensed pictures through a shiny surface, all sense of physicality, form and texture is lost.


My practise questions the relationship between abstract painting and how it is situated within modern, digitised culture. I aim to conflict the fleeting experience of digital images by creating paintings which slow down the interaction between viewer and artwork.

By means of gestural mark-making the work explores the artists relationship with the surface and the tactile nature of paint application; consciously constructing meaning through the process as well its aesthetic results


My work is a celebration of the unique nature of painting and its ability to contain a plethora of intimate moments between the artist and surface, shown visibly through gestural mark-making. Utilising composition, colour and varying methods of paint application, there is an element of tension and awkwardness within the work.

Lines slice through the paintings, forming geometric shapes and spacious planes of colour on the surface, forming a framework which allows the energised, painterly marks to be the focal point. Elements of harmony and discord juxtaposed, the immediate and considered components contest each other, forming a metaphor for the relationship between the materiality of painting and its erasure through screen representation. My practice celebrates the power of physical connection and in doing so emphasizes the loss of materiality.

Lauren Hine / @laurenhine_fa