Once the Moment Passes

by Mel Galley

An animation taking influence from a recent trip out into the Duddon estuary that combines rendered landscapes and poetry to map/chart the shifting movement of this space (found around the Furness Peninsula). 


Lean out;
as far as your weight,
as your body, will take you,
over a balustrade,
a fence, rusted and peeling,
the taut orange rubber side
of a speeding boat

lean out and watch for;
streets that shift like
sands that shift like
rough water coursing
through deeply worn grooves
in limestone or slate,
between uneven cobbles
that blanket the steep slope

the cave at the base
is dark and warm, thick
air saturated with sound,
metallic stings against
the white noise of waves
breaking ceaselessly
a shoreline flaking,
splintering apart
with each new hour,
its original outline unmemorable
once the moment passes.

You can watch the video below.

YouTube video

Mel Galley / @melfrangalley