The Costume Collection

Tullie House Museum

The Costume Collection at Tullie House

Over 350 years of fashion and textile history tell the stories of the lives of the Carlisle women that wore them in this exciting new collection.

The galleries feature over forty outfits and accessories that tell the stories of some of the women who have lived, loved and worked in Carlisle over the past 350 years – from the infamous Carlisle ‘miser’ Margery Jackson to lesser known stories of Land Army girls, factory workers, nurses, radicals, homemakers and artists. The outfits range from the rare and beautiful to the practical and familiar but each one gives us an insight into the life and identity of the person they belonged to.

These brand-new galleries shine a light on hidden stories and identities. They celebrate the extraordinary – rare outfits, intricate and beautiful dresses marking special moments in time – and the ‘ordinary’ – practical outfits worn by working women over the centuries. The galleries also include an innovative digital art installation inspired by the history of Carlisle as a ‘textile city’ and feature the voices of some of the Museum’s visitors and community partners. Through beautiful architectural design and innovative displays, these stunning new galleries will provide a brand-new visitor experience. The Costume Collection at Tullie House will be one of the largest dedicated costume galleries in the North of England, celebrating a remarkable and rarely-seen fashion collection that features items of national significance.


Opens May 30th
Tullie House Museum



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